We are stronger together!

Franklin Venture Capital is a one stop solution that assists your start-up process.


With us, your concept goes from ideation to development in a matter of weeks. It is never too early to contact us. Our team of experts will help you incorporate, develop your product, and/or launch a successful crowdfunding campaign. If we like your idea enough, we'll invite you to our U.S. headquarters to join our team of developers, lawyers and marketers to help you build your dream. Chances are, we already have some propriety code that you can plug right in. Franklin Venture Capital is currently investing in Real Estate Tech.

Ideation to Development in a Matter of Weeks 

We mentor your organization in order to guide you through a successful, safe, and compliant process. If we cannot assure a smooth and legal strategy for your plan or idea, we let you know from the outset.

Business Strategy

Tech Consultation

Legal Consultation

White Paper Crafting

Smart Contracts

Tech Development

Public and Community Engagment

Transaction Management


Technical & Security Assessments

Simple & Easy

Our system makes the start-up process simple to navigate and easy to operate.


For start-ups needing additional mentorship, we can provide specialized guidance and tech help. You don't need a dev team, a lawyer, or a co-founder! You have FVC!

Our Technologies

are Global

Our Processes are Compliant

Our Technologies are Secure

Working with us is Easy!






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